Research Supervision and Teaching

Note: titles of ongoing projects are subject to change.

Research Supervision

MSc Major Project

7 students graduated, 12 currently under supervision.


Ajay John Alex, 2023 – Tracking Bees with Object Recognition

Chinedu Chukwu, 2023 – Detection of AI-generated Abstract Art

Kate Elliott, 2023 – Detection of Hateful Symbols in Images

Mariam Kasali, 2023 – Written Character Recognition for Education ​

Lipoktoshi Longkumer, 2023 – Generation and Detection of Human Face DeepFakes

Sutha Mathyaglan, 2023 – A Chatbot for Pension Q/A to Support the Elderly

Chibueze Nwoke, 2023 – Generating and Detecting Synthetic Text with Neural Language Models

Adetunji Odedina, 2023 – Privacy-preserving Indoor/Outdoor Detection with Wearable Sensors

Pooja Patel, 2023 – Chatbots for Mental Health Support

Ravidu Silva, 2023 – Generating and Detecting AI Art

Patricia Udorji, 2023 – Mental Health Question Answering with a Deep-learning Chatbot

Apoorva Yande, 2023 – Explainable AI for Spam Email Text Classification and Filtering


Pamela Chenge, 2022 (graduated) – Machine Learning for Predicting Human Behaviour to Reduce Energy Consumption

Pheba Cherian, 2022 (graduated) – Multiple Object Recognition by a NAO Robot using Deep Learning

Linda Duamwan, 2022 (graduated) – Early Detection of Brain Diseases

Research Paper (ACM) Research Paper PDF

Saranya Madireddy, 2022 (graduated) – Real-time Face Detection with Bounding Box Regression in Human-Robot Interaction

Prajith Prasannan, 2022 (graduated) – Generating and Detecting Fake Online Reviews with Neural Language Models

Joel Puthenpurackal, 2022 (graduated) – Recognising Objects using Image Classification on NAO Robots

Asha Saju, 2022 (graduated) – Analysis of Human Participants in Human-Robot Interaction

BSc Final Year Project

Sophie Clark, 2022 (graduated) – Utilising Pepper Robot to Improve Student Experience During Primary School

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ISYS17104 Understanding LSEP in Data Science (module leader) New module – lecture design, assessment design, and delivery.

Other teaching: Applied AI and Data Mining, Big Data & Its Infrastructure, Service Oriented Cloud Technologies.


COMP40711 Big Data & Its Infrastructure (teaching staff)guest lecture and lab support.

ISYS40061 Service Oriented Cloud Technologies (teaching staff) lab support.

Prior to Faculty

The below information contains past teaching information from prior to my joining of the University faculty.

2018-2021 (PhD)

Design of autonomous driving coursework for MSc students at Aston University. Video tutorials on how to use Python and TensorFlow to train deep-learning based reinforcement learning algorithms in a driving simulator (CARLA).

Lecturer for Degree Apprenticeship Programme – leading teaching sessions on Human Computer Interaction (Second year), Web Development (Second year), Geographic Information Systems (Final year), and Mobile App Development (Final year).

Teaching Assistant – assisting in the delivery of Computer Graphics (Second Year) and Computational Intelligence (Final Year).

Laboratory Session Lead for Final Year BSc. Computer Science Computational Intelligence – Neural Networks and Hyperheuristic Optimisation of Neural Networks. Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

Laboratory session lead for Computer Graphics module. Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

2014 (Sixth Form)

Teacher – invited to teach web development to a class of 12-13 year olds while I was an A-Level Student at Erasmus Darwin Academy Sixth Form.