Research Supervision and Teaching

Note: titles of ongoing projects are subject to change.


2 students under supervision.

Director of Studies

Sepehr Shirani


Dan Buxton



ISYS17104 Understanding LSEP in Data Science (module leader) New module – lecture design, assessment design, and delivery.

Teaching: Applied AI and Data Mining, Big Data & Its Infrastructure, Service Oriented Cloud Technologies, Introduction to Computers and Technology.


COMP40711 Big Data & Its Infrastructure

ISYS40061 Service Oriented Cloud Technologies

MSc Major Project

14 students graduated, 5 currently under supervision.


Chinedu Chukwu, 2023 – Detection of AI-generated Abstract Art

Kate Elliott, 2023 – Detection of Hateful Symbols in Images

Lipoktoshi Longkumer, 2023 – Generation and Detection of Human Face DeepFakes

Sutha Mathyaglan, 2023 – A Chatbot for Pension Q/A to Support the Elderly

Chibueze Nwoke, 2023 – Generating and Detecting Synthetic Text with Neural Language Models


Ajay John Alex, 2023 (graduated) – Tracking Bees with Object Recognition

Mariam Kasali, 2023 (graduated) – Written Character Recognition for Education ​

Adetunji Odedina, 2023 (graduated) – Privacy-preserving Indoor/Outdoor Detection with Wearable Sensors

Pooja Patel, 2023 (graduated) – Chatbots for Mental Health Support

Ravidu Silva, 2023 (graduated) – Generating and Detecting AI Art

Patricia Udorji, 2023 (graduated) – Mental Health Question Answering with a Deep-learning Chatbot

Apoorva Yande, 2023 (graduated) – Explainable AI for Spam Email Text Classification and Filtering


Pamela Chenge, 2022 (graduated) – Machine Learning for Predicting Human Behaviour to Reduce Energy Consumption

Pheba Cherian, 2022 (graduated) – Multiple Object Recognition by a NAO Robot using Deep Learning

Linda Duamwan, 2022 (graduated) – Early Detection of Brain Diseases

Research Paper (ACM) Research Paper PDF

Saranya Madireddy, 2022 (graduated) – Real-time Face Detection with Bounding Box Regression in Human-Robot Interaction

Prajith Prasannan, 2022 (graduated) – Generating and Detecting Fake Online Reviews with Neural Language Models

Joel Puthenpurackal, 2022 (graduated) – Recognising Objects using Image Classification on NAO Robots

Asha Saju, 2022 (graduated) – Analysis of Human Participants in Human-Robot Interaction

BSc Final Year Project

1 student graduated, 11 currently under supervision.

Prior to Faculty

The below information contains past teaching information from prior to my joining of the University faculty.

2018-2021 (PhD)

Design of autonomous driving coursework for MSc students at Aston University. Video tutorials on how to use Python and TensorFlow to train deep-learning based reinforcement learning algorithms in a driving simulator (CARLA).

Lecturer for Degree Apprenticeship Programme – leading teaching sessions on Human Computer Interaction (Second year), Web Development (Second year), Geographic Information Systems (Final year), and Mobile App Development (Final year).

Teaching Assistant – assisting in the delivery of Computer Graphics (Second Year) and Computational Intelligence (Final Year).

Laboratory Session Lead for Final Year BSc. Computer Science Computational Intelligence – Neural Networks and Hyperheuristic Optimisation of Neural Networks. Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

Laboratory session lead for Computer Graphics module. Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

2014 (Sixth Form)

Teacher – invited to teach web development to a class of 12-13 year olds while I was an A-Level Student at Erasmus Darwin Academy Sixth Form.